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No Matter How Lonely 7 1/8

No Matter How Lonely 7 1/8

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I made this series as a way to express my struggle with depression. I don't consider myself an artist or anything like that. I think a hat, is a hat. But I used this drop as an outlet. Sometimes things look good in your life, but there's always that sliver of chaos that peaks out. This has been my favorite set of hats I've made thus far in my career. Thanks for taking the time to look at them. I'll never make these hats again. 


100% Beaver Felt Hat Body 

Whiskey Color 

Size 7 1/8

Tear Drop Crown 

3 1/4 Flat Brim With Slight Flange

Hand Dyed Ribbon

Completely Handmade in Nashville, TN 


All sales on this product are final. No refunds or returns. No one wants your head crust, dude.

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