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Split The Crosses In Two

Split The Crosses In Two

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I was listening to a friend's record the other day. He has this line in a song that says, "Split the crosses in two." I thought it was awesome. It inspired me to design this drop. I called him up and asked if I could rip him off, he said, "Yes!". I was extremely honored.  His name is JD Nash, the song is called Low Hangs. You should most definitely check it out. I only made four of these.


Hand Dyed 100% Beaver Felt 

Tear Drop Crown 

Slightly Flanged Brim 

Hand Dyed Bound Edge with Two Color Stitch 

There's not a hat band, I didn't think it needed one. 

Handmade in Nashville, TN

Each Dye Job varies from hat to hat.


All sales on this product are final. No refunds or returns. No one wants your head crust dude. 


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